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Before you learn to meditate you need to either attend an introductory talk where Jo will explain the details of the course and answer any questions you might have about Vedic Meditation. If you haven’t attended a talk and would like to learn, just contact Jo via email to arrange a conversation either by phone or in person.


New students can either learn in a group or in a specially convened private course.

Group courses are four sessions up to 90 minute each, taught over four days.

Once the course is finished, you can attend a weekly group meditation either with Jo or any Vedic meditation teacher in your city at no cost.

You are also welcome to repeat all or part of the course at any time.


The cost of the course is based on your income. The cost schedule is outlined when you attend an introductory talk or meet with Jo in person or by phone.


 If you would like to learn on your own or with a friend, partner or co-workers you can request a private course.  

This can be arranged at a time and venue to suit you.

The course structure is the same as the group meditation course but session times are flexible according to what you need.

The fee is based on the location and schedule requirements.


Once you have learned to meditate, you may wish expand your knowledge in relation to meditation or learn advanced techniques which will help your practice.

The fee for a 90 minute session is $200, which includes 20 minutes of meditation.